The Publisher's Desk: Some truly clever ways to cook a turkey

It’s my favorite time of the year. 

Not only will there be turkey ... there will be Dublin Elementary kids teaching us how to make a turkey — in all of their bright, clever and hilarious ways. 

This year’s third graders are particularly inventive and expressive. I know Julie Ivie is a writing teacher for third grade, and she (along with the other third grade teachers) are clearly doing an excellent job. 

In fact, the whole elementary has been increasing its test scores and impressing me and my family. 

These funny responses from the kids are just proof that some creative thinking is happening at Dublin Elementary. 

For example, Madison Gain from third grade really struggled with wanting to do the assignment well and feeling sorry for the turkey. 
Oh! Poor little turkeys! They always get cooked. I don’t like eating them, but this is how I think they are cooked. First, you take off their head, but please do not. Next you pluck all of their feathers. Finally, you throw the turkey in the pan and please enjoy, I know I will not!

Darshana Baral from second grade was really excited about the prompt, opening up with, Wow Turkey, my delicious dish and love ... 
Cooking with that kind of passion is sure to make it taste good. 

On the other hand, Jonathan Enhorabuena from second grade took a no-nonsense approach to making a turkey. 
Easy. My mom orders from Hard eight and she’s done. Mom says aint Nobody got time for that.

Then there’s Luke Thompson-Hines, who has clearly spent some time observing someone in his house cooking — he’s at least seen someone make boiled eggs and core and preserve an avocado. 
I would try to catch it, heat it up, cut in half so everybody could eat. Put some salt and pepper on it and some salad around it. Sometimes you put eggs in water and cook them a long time, then you get avocados and take out the pit seed and put the eggs in them. You sprinkle tomatoes around on them. You put lemon juice on top.
Very impressive!

Alyssa Whiddon, along with many others, showcased the onomatopoeia’s the third grade must be working on. 
Gobble! Gobble! I think cooking a turkey is easy. First, I shoot a turey “BAM!” Next, I pluck the turkeys feathers “Bing”, “Bing”, “Bing”. Third, I put peprs on it “shing”, “shing”, “shing”. After that, I put it in the oven andcook it for 6 hours. Finaly, I get it out of the oven and eat it.

Isabel Puerta from Pre-K wasted no time in writing her response. 

The prompt we gave each student was, “How do you cook a turkey? (Be descriptive?)”

Her response? Cook it.

These are just my favorites. There are literally hundreds of them. Please, find some of your own favorites. 

Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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