Mrs. Dykowski... writes a thankful list

I’m writing on a difficult day, so in honor of Thanksgiving, I’m going to list, in no particular order, a few of the many things for which I am thankful.  

1.    Viral videos of babies riding on Rumba sweepers. 
Is it safe? Is it a good idea? I’ll let the parents of that baby and others who can afford to have their houses cleaned by a robot decide that. The baby looks happy as can be and the floors look sparkly clean. 
Kindness is free. It doesn’t take anything from me to treat others with kindness and respect. It’s such a blessing to be able to will myself to dwell on the positive and not let others’ negativity bring me down. 

2.    Food, even some healthy food, is delicious. 
Did you ever wonder why God designed us so that how we take in energy and nutrition would be enjoyable? I think it’s a sign of His love for us. The fact that we have to labor for that food was a consequence of evil, but God made sure we were rewarded for our labor with even more than survival. 

3.    There are still a lot of things I don’t know. 
Learning is sometimes painful and sometimes a joy, but wouldn’t life be frustrating if we already knew all of its mysteries. Some of the most frustrated, bitter people I know in this world are those who have trouble admitting there are things about life they don’t understand beyond why everyone doesn’t fall in line with their opinion. 

4.    My closest friends all have a sense of humor. 
If I can’t tease a person, there’s a bit of a limit on how close our friendship can be. Maybe that’s a flaw in my character, or maybe it’s a charming quirk, I’ll let you decide how you feel about it. Either way, I’m always relieved when a joke goes over well with a new friend.

5.    My kid is obsessed with birthdays. 
That means that she wishes me, “Happy birthday, mommy dear!” every few days. I’ve been 28 for weeks now, but according Darci’s birthday calendar I’m roughly 4,375. That’s a positive because she still thinks, “you hair so pwiddy, momma. I fix it,” despite the roughly 4,375 grays I’m too pregnant (or maybe broke or most likely lazy) to dye. 

6.    My husband likes to include me in his thinking out loud. 
Do you ever ask your husband what he’s thinking, when you are sure he’s mulling over something important and he replies, “nothing?” I find that frustrating. 
With Scott I’ve figured out that when he’s actually thinking of something important, he’ll talk through his thoughts with me. 
When he says nothing, he really means it 99 percent of the time. The other 1 percent I like to imagine he’s planning a surprise for me, because it can be difficult to keep up when I have no less than three birthdays a week. 

7.    He also says nothing about the gray hair, which is another positive to note.

8.    Thanksgiving is coming. 
These are the three words every pregnant woman longs to hear. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a holiday, even if it does mean some extra-tight deadlines this week. 

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Dublin. Remember to be kind to one another and grateful for the blessings in your life. 

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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