One Reporter's Ramblings: Maybe there are no wrong numbers

Sometimes a friend is just a misdial away. That’s what my mom found last week anyways.

I often go to my parents’ house for lunch and Mom was dialing her twin sister as I started making my meal. I got out of earshot and she was already talking on the phone when I came back.

For about a minute, I just thought she was talking to my aunt until she started asking about how the other person was doing “up there” and said something about it being around five years since they last spoke.

I began to grasp she had misdialed my aunt in south Texas and instead reached a man in Montana — one that she had accidentally called several years before. 

He had apparently recognized my mom’s unique speech pattern and rather than inform her of the mistake and rush off the phone, they caught up.

Two character traits I get from my mom are definitely “the gift of gab” and that I “never meet a stranger.”

I can recall several incidents where Mom offered a friendly goodbye to another woman as she left a bathroom at a store or restaurant. 

The arched eyebrow Dad or I might have is met with mom’s explanation of who  the woman was followed by some major life event or worry that is on her mind.

It’s obvious that these people either share Mom’s talkative nature or they had something on their mind and just needed to talk. 

Oddly enough, strangers can make the best confidants.

If you have something going on in your life, my mom is going to pray for you. It could be you lost a loved one or you need the cable installer to get to your house quick. 

The severity of the need really doesn’t matter; she recognizes a concern and genuinely shares it.

It’s hard to put someone with this level of empathy at a distance and those who appreciate her genuine nature usually respond in kind. 

So the man in Montana remembered the couple of phone calls he had with Mom because it probably lasted several moments with each offering an ear.

They don’t know each other’s names, but he asked about our family that was affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

Mom learned many things, including that his area needs some rain. She’s praying about it.

After 10 minutes of pleasant conversation, Mom said, “Well, “I’ll misdial again in a few years and see how you’re doing.” 

That sounded good to him.

Paul Gaudette is a staff writer at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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