The Publisher's Desk: Under pressure, Sonic nurse shines

Cindy and I were having a pleasant conversation about Sonic food one afternoon when her description of cheeseburgers was interrupted  by a loud noise outside our office. 

Neither of us saw it — it’s hard to pay attention to anything else when you’re talking about food. 

But the first thing Cindy said when we heard it was, “That was a wreck.” 

Sure enough, we quickly glanced outside and saw two vehicles pressed together — a car that had hit a big truck — right in front of the entrance to Sonic. 

So much for cheeseburgers. 

From the looks of it, the truck had tried to pull into Sonic and didn’t notice the car heading north on Patrick Street when it turned. 

The car, I suppose, didn’t have time to stop. 

Cindy’s first reaction was to grab the phone at her desk and call 911. 

My first reaction was to head outside and see if everyone is OK. 

I was far from the only one. I had trouble crossing the street because people were slowing down and pulling over to assist. 

I saw Ashley Black from Southern Sass Hair Salon from across the street running across the parking lot to offer aid. 

A nice family who I think was eating at Sonic left their meal and came to check on everyone. 

When an older lady got out of the car a little cut up from the airbag, the nice family’s son ran and got a chair from the Sonic porch and brought it to the street for her to sit on. 

And a couple of Sonic employees left their stations to come make sure everyone was alright. 

All these people had reached the ladies in their cars before I could cross the traffic. And they were quick to jump into action. 

In particular, the Sonic employee — her nametag said “Amanda!” was impressive. 

While I was standing in the street feeling uncertain how to help, she was calmly moving between the two women checking their pulse and helping them calm down. 

She informed them that she was a nurse, and I saw as she climbed into the backseat of the truck to help one lady that her hands were shaking. 

But she kept her cool and did everything she could to make them comfortable and calm. 

By the time Nancy Wilson of the Dublin Police Department arrived on the scene, “Amanda!,” with the help of several others around her, had a good grasp of the situation and was able to quickly and briefly describe the situation. 

The two women in the accident were, understandably, upset and shaken. 

But “Amanda!,” along with the nice family, had the most upset woman laughing by the time Dublin EMS arrived. 

Meanwhile Ashley Black was quickly borrowing a phone to call the husband of one of the victims. 

Everyone was so quick on their feet. Everyone acted with such care and concern. 

It’s great to live in a town where, even when we don’t know each other, we can still help our neighbors in a crisis.

Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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