DHS students seeks help for safety

Imagine three people coming to your door in the near future. One of them installs needed smoke detectors in each bedroom and hall in your house.One of them explains to you how to escape your home in a fire. And one of them keeps records, ensuring that everything is done correctly. 

Dublin High School student Cody Cook is planning to visit 150 homes in Dublin in the near future to complete this task — and he’s doing it alone. Once he is finished, practically every home in Dublin will have a working smoke detector in each room and hallway.

Cook is seeking volunteers to help him complete this project. He is required to have three people to even enter a house.

“Right now it’s just coach [Shawn] Bradford and I,” he said. That’s not even enough people to do one house. 

He is asking volunteers to meet Aug. 12, with location and time to be announced soon. 

Cook explained all of this to the Dublin Economic Development Corporation on Monday. 

They applauded him for heading this project on his own, even as his three teammeates have stepped back.

EDC Executive Director Karen Wright made a note to place an agenda item on the Aug. 28 meeting agenda to allow the EDC board to vote on providing Cook the financing he needs to complete his project. Primarily, the board will likely fund his plans to put house numbers on 20 or so houses in Dublin that are either missing house numbers or have damaged house numbers. 

Cook has already secured funding from the American Red Cross for 400 smoke detectors.  He is visiting as many service organizations in town as possible — the Rotary Club, the Lion’s Club, the Fire Department, EMS — “everyone I can,” he said — to find enough volunteers Aug. 12 to complete his project. 

He also intends to install the 20 or so house numbers on Aug. 12. 

The third phase in his project is to host CPR classes for the community.

After research, he found the most cost effective way to complete this phase is to take the school nurse up on her offer to teach them for free. Classes will be a maximum of eight, but she can do as many as needed, Cook said.  He also plans to offer at least one bilingual or full Spanish class. 

While everyone will be invited, he plans to target business owners for his CPR class, stating that they see a wide variety of people throughout each day. 

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