The publisher's desk: Jar Jar Binks- A study in obsession

Jar Jar Binks is a little creepy, y’all. 

I’ve always just thought of him as annoying. But while looking at a picture of him from Dublin Bottling Works the other day, I finally realized, that guy needs to get some sleep or something. He’s not healthy.  Darci doesn’t care, though. 

We like to eat at the Dublin Bottling Works. The food is good, the soda is great and it’s just a neat atmosphere. When eating out, I care about the atmosphere almost more than I care about the food. Darci shares this love of atmosphere, apparently. 

Every time we’ve gone into DBW recently she’s been pretty pumped about Jar Jar. If you don’t remember, they have a life-size version of him near the cash register (to guard it, perhaps?), looking large and goofy and wearing a DBW nametag, lanyard and key chain. 

He smiles at you with too many teeth and you think, this diner is eclectic. 

Darci just thinks he’s cool. She always makes a point of walking right up to him and saying, “Hi Dar Dar!” as many times as she can muster before being ushered to a seat in the back room. 

She waves at him. She wants to look at him from the ground up and she wants to be held to get a closer look at his long ears and weird eyes. 

This kid will bury her face in your chest when sweet, elderly ladies at Brookshire Brothers talk to her, but she has no fear when it comes to Jar Jar. Even toddlers know he’s not a real threat. 

I’ve been amused by her fascination of “Dar Dar,” but last Wednesday I discovered it’s more of an obsession. 

I opened her car door after parking and the first thing she yelled at me, with a big grin, was “Hi Dar Dar!” I wasn’t even sure what she was saying. Sometimes to decipher her toddler speak her mother and I need context. We got it quickly. 

As soon as we walked into the diner she began again. 

“Dar Dar,” she said while pointing in his general direction. 

“Hi Dar Dar,” she said, waving furiously and grinning. 
“Hi Dar Dar. Hi Dar Dar. Hi Dar Dar.”

This continued until I put her down so she could go get a closer look. 

And it continued until we took her into the back, where she continued to talk about him until our food came. 

I was truly stunned. That my eighteen-month daughter would recognize DBW as Jar Jar’s home from outside the building surprised me. 

I thought Jar Jar Binks was creepy. Maybe my daughter, the Jar Jar stalker, is the creepy one after all. Or maybe they’re just becoming good friends. 

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