One Reporter's Ramblings: The small blessings of a bad situation

It’s amazing how perspective can make you feel blessed in the middle of a bad situation.

While driving back from Beaumont, our car died on the side of the highway near Huntsville.

Katie and I had a moment of temper flares as we remembered that we didn’t have roadside assistance on our insurance, but we quickly calmed down and searched for a nearby towing service.

The first call we made got us the owner of a towing service who jumped into a truck so we could get off the 75 MPH interstate, where it was currently raining. He allowed us to pick up snacks, showed us the mechanic he recommended and dropped us off at a hotel of our choosing so we could unload our luggage.

The hotel allowed us to stay an extra hour while we waited for my aunt and uncle, who came to have lunch with us and visited with us before driving us to the mechanic once my car was fixed.

The mechanic kept me informed with regular phone calls, recognizing that we didn’t live nearby.

All of this was significantly cheaper than I feared and none of it would have been possible if we had the dogs with us, but my parents were taking care of them at the time. It’s fair to say that it would have been better if my car hadn’t broken down.

My aunt and uncle wouldn’t have driven two hours out of their way. I wouldn’t have lost a day of work while I waited for the repair. My parents wouldn’t have had to watch the dogs for an extra night.

The interesting thing is we wouldn’t have felt as blessed without this bad experience putting us in touch with Huntsville businesses who were understanding of our plight and worked with us through it. It was an extra reminder of how much our family loves us and is willing to help (not that we needed the reminder).

If the car had made it all the way home, we would have experienced none of it but would have been spared the initial inconvenience. Realizing this, I can’t feel too upset about having gone through it.

Sometimes, it takes a bad experience to make us remember the good that is around us.

Gaudette is a staff writer at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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