Mrs. Dykowski... attends several 'dance potties,' speaks Darcese

“Dance party!”

Darci yells it at least once every day. 

Of course, party sounds more like potty in Darcese, the ever-evolving toddler tongue in which Scott and I are becoming fluent. 

It’s confusing because we’re starting to potty train, as well. And the dancing doesn’t really clarify anything. 

Luckily, Darci is happy to tell you when you’ve misunderstood. 

Me: “Do you need to go potty?”
Darci: “NO! Dance potty!”

Finally, when her slow parents get the message, the party can commence. 

Darci will sing and sway. “I know you ...” from “Sleeping Beauty” at the top of her lungs. 

We hold hands and stumble around the living room, pretending to be graceful. 

We’re not. 

But there is certainly a good deal of giggling that goes on. 

When her parents fail to catch on fast enough or are otherwise engaged, Darci will enlist the nearest or dearest toys to join her party. 
Her “Sofia the First” doll gets to dance quite a bit. 

She earns stickers on her hands for successful potty training, so sometimes a sticker of some princess on the back of her fist is her partner. 

“Darci dance a’ Belle!” she says. 
“A’ ” is the only preposition in Darcese. It’s a versatile sound. 

Examples include, “Darci sit a’ Daddy,” “Mommy read a’ Darci” or “Darci ride a’ Cat.”

She’s even convinced some people in the office to waltz with her while we’re at work. 

She’s very convincing — maybe we should put her on the ad sales team. 

While my mom was keeping her one afternoon, Darci decided to create her own dance remix. She sang Cinderelly, Hi-Ho and then a Darci-original named for her favorite food, “Guacamole!” 
Each mix has a unique dance move to accompany it. 

Songs based on the “Sleeping Beauty” soundtrack have big sweeping arm movements. 

Cinderelly has a moment with some serious finger pointing. “Do it dishes! Do it moppin’ ” she sings sternly as her chubby finger slices through the air. 

Most other tunes’ choreography has been rightly compared to Elaine Benes’ dancing on Seinfeld. 

Her rhythm is decent for a toddler, though, so there’s hope for the future. I hope by then she stops referring to herself in third person, as well. In the meantime though, “Darci dance potty a’ Mommy!”

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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