Mrs. Dykowski... says thank you to the Citizen's secret weapon

This month marks the end of my first school year as the sports writer at the Dublin Citizen.
It has been incredibly fun to celebrate the success of Dublin’s athletes. 

I’ve enjoyed the photo shoots, learning more about each sport and getting to know the people associated with Dublin athletics.  

But honestly, my job would not be possible without the Dublin Citizen’s secret weapon, the coaches. 

Each of these excellent educators has developed a way to consistently let us know results, special honors and sometimes when students go that extra mile.

So I want to take this column to say thank you. 

Thank you to Athletic Director Bob Cervetto for answering all of my questions, giving me football quotes full of personality and facilitating my relationship with the rest of the coaching staff. Most of all for the encouragement. 

I think it’s safe to say that he has found his calling when even the local reporter leaves his office extra motivated to do her work. 

Thank you to coach Ryan Lewis for trusting me with full stats from every game, for being responsive to my thousands of emails, for troubleshooting technical difficulties and for being extremely patient and helpful as we tried to get that perfect fall sports cover photo, time and time again. 

To Will Parker who always answered my messages, even early on Wednesday mornings, who came to me with useful information above and beyond what we requested and who was always pleasant and happy to help, thank you so much. 

Brittany Helton was also one of my favorite coaches to work with this year. Thank you, coach Helton, for always telling it like it is, for being upfront and concise in communicating information and for being so positive and cooperative whenever I needed anything. 

Coach Greg Hardcastle was always one of the most prompt to send us information, and in the newspaper world that is one of the absolute best qualities a person can have.
The same hour that Martha or Ethan completed his last lift at State, I knew about it and was able to plan accordingly to recognize their success. 
Track results, which take a long time to sort through and write up, were always made available to me in plenty of time so I didn’t have to stress about deadline. That was such a blessing to me as well as everyone I encounter between Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon, so thank you from the whole community on that one. 

Jason Clark is always eager to help us out. He understands deadline and how much we need his help and we appreciate so much his great attitude, despite his busy, busy schedule. 

Kellen Cervetto was also incredibly helpful this season. I know the volume of text messages I sent to his phone, filled with questions about this player and that game and those honors, probably caused him to need to upgrade his phone plan, but he was always willing to help us out.

Sarah Fulfer might also have needed a phone upgrade during golf season, but she always came through with scores and results for her burgeoning program, showing that she is proud of her students’ progress this season, which has been impressive. 

Thank you, also, to the other coaches who I don’t have space to mention by name. They helped arrange photos, sent in results, kept our schedule updated and in general had a great attitude in helping us make sure the students were recognized for their hard work. 

We feel so lucky to be able to work with such a special group of people.

Thanks also to Denise Weems for being my main parent contact this year, that’s a big job and you were such a huge help. 

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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