The Publisher's Desk: Voting threes

I was recently chatting with Dublin High’s head tennis coach as I took pictures of the tennis team. 
She was telling me about the crazy schedule she was keeping. 
Having only two courts across town to play on, she got up early in the mornings to get to the courts long before school starts to coach a team or two of her varsity players. 
But she has several teams. 
So she goes back several times a day, working late into the evening to fit all the kids onto the court and give them ample practice time. 
That can make for a long work day. 
We’ve all had to work more than eight hours in a day here or there. 
Generally, it’s not fun. 
It’s really not fun if you have to do it a lot, especially in a short amount of time. 
And I remember thinking to myself, if the bond would pass, the new tennis courts would really alleviate her issue. 
Plus, the kids wouldn’t have to drive across town to practice and would have the benefit of practicing more at a time, giving them more team cohesion and the chance to compare notes and help each other improve. 
This is just one example. 
Clearly tennis is not the big item on the bond. 
But this example does represent what I believe is one of the improvements this bond can give us. 
The Dublin Citizen has expressed support for the bond before. 
It’s a logical next step for a growing community. Now is going to be a better time to deal with this than in the future. 
I don’t believe we want to be a people who has kicked a need down the road for the next generation to deal with. 
I don’t believe that will be our legacy. 
The Citizen has expressed support before because it’s the logical choice. 
I would like to express personal support because it’s the better choice. 
Many people that I’ve heard of say they voted no in the past because of misinformation, both about the bond and about school finances in general. 
Those people say they are voting yes now that they have all the facts. 
There is a lot of information floating around about the bond and the way the school spends money. 
Some of the information is true. Some of it is wrong because of confusion. 
Whatever the reason, I hope you’ll be sure that you understand your position well before making that final decision. 

Ward 3
A final thought. 
The most contested City Council race is taking place in Ward 3. 
Historically, this ward has had low voter turnout. In 2014, Layne Golden won by seven votes. Only 31 people voted at all. The other wards more than doubled Ward 3’s participation. 
In 2015, only 10 people voted in Ward 3. 
With four people running in Ward 3 this year, it’s going to be important that ya’ll vote. Thirty votes aren’t going to be enough — not if you want a candidate that can really make a difference. 
For that matter, whatever ward you live in — let’s vote. I live in Ward 1. You can bet Sarah and I will be making an informed decision between John Johnson and Rosemary Enhorabuena. 
Join us, in whatever Ward you live in, to use your vote as your voice.

Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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